Company Mission Statement

To spread the gift of music free for the world and open a place where love can come in. We believe in good quality music without interruption and we also believe in Free.

We also believe that everyone is open to finding that new artist or new song that can inspire them for the day and set a cascading events of positive chain reactions. These new songs will be dropped in through the intelligent AI system so that more people find better music.

We want to stick to radio because wireless internet is still not stable and costs money, with our system you can virtually tap in anywhere with an old 1970 radio player or wrap some coils around and catch the tune if you must.

If apocalypse were to ever take place, our main servers run off of natural energy and stashed underground so they will continue to emit the music and love out into the world. The love will never fade, for those willing to turn their ears to it.

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