Living the leading edge! Getting Clear on your goals & vision


When I was young I had dreams of being successful but those visions were very vague and in the dream land, I didn’t even think I could reach out to those dreams. Now as an adult, with my experience in selling radio I have an actual shot at making it. If I continue to develop successful habits, I have a true shot at actually making it as a millionaire, perhaps the first in my family lineage.

I am now 100% committed to this path and to my life mission to accomplish this for myself so that I can become a role model for millions of young people around the world and teach them about hard work ethics, going after your dreams, and life is about unlimited possibilities. In order to achieve this massive goal of becoming an inspiration to others, I have to change and become a new person that has grown personally and spiritually. Someone that makes no excuses, someone that is committed, someone that follows through, a person that operates at the leading edge.

so For all the nay sayers out there you all can sit back and watch while I make something big happen. I am now operating at a whole new level now you see, I am the wolf and I will stop at nothing until my goal is actualized. I will become a millionaire. I must become a millionaire. I will stop at nothing until I become a millioinaire. I will gain all the resources and the mentors out there to make this happen. I am the greatest sales man in the world.

When everyone is sleeping in, I am up hustling, writing content that will make me thousands of dollars down the road. When everyone is watching sports games, I am making calls and shutting deals down. When everyone is out partying, I am in building my business and strategizing how to acquire new clients. When everyone tells me to take a break, I excuse myself and work even harder. Women come into my life but they do not affect my work ethics. I have the will power of steels, I do not waiver from my mission because many young children of the world depend on me. I am always focused on my mission because when I become a millionaire I can help my parents, I can inspire my sister and my brother, and I will influence the world.

I am a power house. I am an entrepreneur I find out ways to make things happen, I rise up to the challenges and over come them.

These are some of thoughts going through my mind as I get my mind right towards success.

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