When you put out your intentions the world responds

For the last few weeks I’ve been putting the intention out there that I want to gear my Ham radio towards personal development and empowerment, I want people to take radio to the next level by promoting empowering things on it everyday.

For example Jordan Belfort is an incredible teacher about life, personal development and sales. He says many things in about personal empowerment that has meant a lot to me.

One of my all time favorite line is.

“You are not the mistake of your past. you are the resources and capabilities that you gain from it.”

For example I was never a natural sales man but I am 100% committed to becoming one and I won’t rest until I get there. Selling over the phone, getting someone to trust me without ever actually meeting them. Doing business with somebody that’s half way across the US, without meeting them.

I will close deals weekly and I won’t rest till I do. I am powerful at sales and no matter what I will succeed at this craft.

I just wanna talk about what occurred the past few days, so I was looking for clients to sell my Ham Radio to but I had no idea where or how I was going to get clients. I decided to just call few places and BAM one guy was interested. he was a business owner in Lansing

And his response to me was wow how come people didn’t think of that before? Since he was really into personal development. How come there was never a personal development radio?

Is it because people don’t think there will be a market?

Or is it because there is an agenda by the upper government to keep people suppressed and dumbed down?

I don’t worry about it, because these are all things I can’t control. The one thing I can control however is that I can go pick up the telephone and make more phone calls. There’s many business owners that need my help and I am determined to get out there and close some deals.

I am a master of influence and I will surely make it to the top 1% I don’t care however long it takes me.

I am determined to become a millionaire by age 30. I will make $10,000 a month by August. I will hire few writing staff, and then I will hit $20,000 3 month after that.

So I need to make 2 deals every week. That means I need to call more people and reach out to more places.

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