Installing HAM Radio into Luxury Limousines


We were contacted by a limousine manufacturer few weeks back, about a big contract where the owner of the company wants to install the HAM radio as standard build on all of the limousine they manufacturer.
This company is based in Michigan and they build & sell unique limos all over the world such as Bentley, Rolls Royce & Excaliburs. The owner told me they would install satellite radios but it would hardly ever be used most times when the customers bring their own music on their iPhones, and the big drawback of course with satellite radio is that there is a monthly fee. With all the limos that this company produces, installing separate satellite radio to every vehicle became a big hassle for them.

Yet having only radio was a poor alternative when the customer didn’t bring their music as the dreadful commercial would spoil the whole luxury environment, which is understandable, I mean who would want to hear about pizza specials going on during a wedding ride?

The Michigan limo builder owner found out about HAM radio well on the radio ironically enough, and decided to do a bit of research on us and was on the fence about it, till few days ago he visited his friends restaurant and they were installing our HAM radio so the customer can now enjoy their meal while listening to the best music that is current, best of all commercial free and non stop.

This was enough to have him sold and after speaking to us about different elements, he was ready to make a big purchase of 500 units to start off and only increasing from there.

We also did a bit of research on this company and even saw some of his limousines that he was building, we were blown away at the whole operation. They were cutting sports cars like 2015 corvettes and stretching them into a full blown luxury limousines with suicidal doors and the whole shebang.

I have to say I am thoroughly impressed and the owner is a stand out guy, very thrilled about the radios and just seemed like very proactive guy that’s excited about his business, we could relate and resonate with him because we are the exact same way. One cool thing about owning your own business like this is that you get to meet other similar entrepreneurs like yourself and have an instant connection.

I highly recommend checking out his Limousine Sales Site, and having a look at some of the stuff he sells, the Ferrari limo looks pretty slick.

As word of mouth spread our HAM radios, we are very excited to see what other new doors will open for us. For now, this new account has got us pretty off the wall jacked excited.

stay tuned


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