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Blogging again! I am known as the HAM radio supplier. I am a young business owner that started a company to distribute small radio receiver called HAMs, that broadcast commercial free Radio but without the monthly charges that comes with satellite Radio.

What makes HAM radio different is that we use a different wave length signal than your typical radio so the signal quality is much higher and travels much further distance so more areas will be covered. This was created with a team at University of Michigan, what started as a class project became a real business as the members of that group bonded very well and became friends.

We are now supplying our HAM radio nationwide and even ran a successful start up campaign raising over $50,000 in 5 months. What is nice about this radio receiver is that it attaches seamlessly to your car and the stations on there are controlled by the user online or in the car, and these stations are much better than regular raido because its using the smart playlist feature of other great online radio such as Pandora box.

Great thing about the HAM is that it gives that same exact quality of song selection you love about Satellite Radio and Pandora, with the ease of simple Radio signal so anyone can listen to it in any model of car without the need of internet connection!!!

We are very excited about this product, and I hope to blog about its application in many industries including limousine, taxi service, bars & restaurants. If you want your venue to play today’s hottest track seamlessly non stop with very minimal song overlap for hours on end, without ever having to touch any settings besides the genre of music you prefer, then this device is perfect for you and it will keep your venue current and hip.

Not too many local business owner have an idea of what the young kids today are listening to, we solve that problem for you by making the very best playlist possible and you will have it playing as soon as you install to HAM which is as simple as plugging it into an outlet and setting your radio player to a certain channel.

HAMs are currently going for $120, if you are interesting contact us below



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